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Air conditioning

Frigoterm has recently established itself as one of the leading retailers for air conditioners in Herzegovina. From our wide range of air conditioners, we make special mention of the complete line of LG and BEKO air conditioners, and since 2011 we have been authorized importers of TOSHIBA’s high-quality air conditioners.

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In addition to the split-system devices, we also have multi-split air conditioning systems with one or more external units which can be used in combination with two or more indoor units. We also offer commercial air conditioners for server rooms, business facilities, etc. In addition to a complete assortment from these brands, we also have products from Fujitsu, Samsung, Haier, Daewoo and Panasonic.

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Frigoterm posjeduje certifikat ISO 9001 2008
The company constantly strives to improve
the quality of its products and services, and evidence of this is the adoption of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, which we proudly implemented in 2009


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