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Practical Tips

Here are some practical tips that will help you use the devices you have purchased
from us or from a similar company.
The tips on this page will certainly help extend the life of your device.

Air Conditioners – With hot summer temperatures above 30 °C we often feel that only air-conditioned spaces will offer some relief. However, while they are useful, if not maintained regularly, air conditioners can be harmful and even dangerous to your health. It is therefore recommended that, in addition to cleaning the filter frequently (monthly or weekly) you also need to thoroughly clean and disinfect the air conditioner’s exterior unit every two years.
Going by our own past experience, we recommend the following for those who use air conditioners: before calling for service, one should check that the filters are clean and that the electrical outlet to which the device is connected is conducting electricity.

Air Conditioners – Besides cooling functions, modern air conditioners also include a heating function. With standard devices, this function depends directly on the outside temperature. As the outside temperature decreases, so too does the air conditioner’s ability to provide heat. When the outside temperature drops below 0 °C, standard air conditioners (compressors with a fixed number of settings) have very low heating power. Therefore, we suggest that if you want to use an air conditioner as a heating unit, you should consider an inverter air conditioner. While more expensive, you’ll have a device that can work when outside temperatures are down to -15°C.The device also uses up to 15% less electricity and is quieter than a standard air conditioner.

Refrigeration chambers – During summer, cooling aggregates operate under extreme conditions, with malfunctions occurring frequently, mainly due to dirty and clogged condensers on the cooling aggregate.
We therefore advise you to check the condenser and clean it as necessary, especially during summer. We also recommend that you regularly examine the refrigeration chamber every spring and autumn so that you are prepared for the summer and winter periods.

Useful links

Here are some useful links that can help you when choosing air conditioning or ventilation equipment:
• Toshiba Air Conditioners: http://www.toshiba.hr/
• LG Air Conditioners: http://www.lg.com/hr/klima-uredaji
• Beko Air Conditioners: http://www.omega.ba/
• Calculation of air conditioners power: http://klimacentar.com/images/stories/toshiba-swf.swf
• vaporators, aggregates: http://www.rivacold.com/ | http://www.dorin.com | http://www.bitzer.de
• Termostats: http://www.pego.it/ | http://www.eliwell.it | http://www.lae-electronic.com/
• Interesting links on refrigeration: http://www.danfoss.com/Croatia | http://www.tehnologijahrane.com/

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